Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Crocs go Couture

Hello Everyone!
So remember those shoes crocs? They are basically the 'voldemort' of the fashion world. We don't speak about them, and if you are seen with them on, let's just say people may well want to get rid of you. Yes, I have to admit, when they were cool, I was about ten maybe, and it was 'trendy' to have them. I know, I know, but I was only ten. I remember everyone getting them cheap online, everyone got red and blue's and pinks, but even from an early age I wanted to add my twist to them. So I went to the actual shop in the nearest town that had one, and found these (when I look back on them they were awful) ice cream coloured ones, that were just, wow that's all I can say. After that everyone got into putting little charms in the holes of the crocs, I think they were called 'jibbitz' or something, and you could have giraffes, butterflies, pizza's, anything you wanted, but the more you had the cooler the crocs.

As you can probably tell our school wasn't the trendiest in the world, when I was there it probably had about seventy pupils, and everyone wore the same things, nobody ever really stood out. Looking back on it now I don't really miss it, I always felt that 'small' wasn't for me, so when we all went to high school, everyone went and 'found themselves', and I'm so glad we did, otherwise we'd still be the girls that were 'swats' and wore crocs and pumps with every outfit. 

 All photos courtesy of Marie Claire.

So I don't really know if Crocs were ever popular outside my village, but they were flying off the shelves at one point, and sadly I still have about four pairs, yes four, waiting for me in my cupboard. It's pretty safe to say I won't be trying to make a come back with those babies anytime soon. But crocs are coming back, and there's no need to run for the hills this time (in my case, literally), because they've got themselves a fancy designer who has designed a whole new collection of shoes for the company, which surprisingly enough, look nothing like our old friends, don't be scared, they won't bite!
The Designer Stefano Furiani gives Crocs a 'fresh new look' for their Spring and Summer 2014 campaign, combining colour blocking with sky high heels, ankle straps, and pumps, sounding good so far? Furiani says 'Our vision is to set new expectations in product creation using mixed materials in unexpected ways, but inspiring ways'. Although we may mock Crocs as a giant no no, and even Tim Gunn, the host of Project Runway has cooled them 'plastic hoofs', Crocs have over 300 mixed styles, and are sold in a whopping ninety countries around the world.

Due for release around April, several fashion critics are getting ready to slate this campaign as a failed attempt to try and climb the trendy ladder once again, but I say why not? Although if anyone asks you where your shoes are from, it's not the best thing to say they are from crocs, but who knows? They might change your perception on them once and for all. Also, they aren't the only plastic shoe brand. Brazilian make Melissa have teamed up with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Gareth Pugh to make best selling collection in the past seasons. So, I think the moral of this is either 'Don't judge it's shoe by it's brand' or 'Don't judge a shoe by it's material'.

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you'll give this collection a go.


  1. I think it's sad that people won't give them a chance! Yes the actual crocs we know and err hate were hideous, but this time they might actually look okay! It's safe to say that I never did jump on the crocs craze. They are the ugliest things. xxx

  2. OMG I laughed so hard at 'They are basically the 'voldemort' of the fashion world.' it's so true them by far thee worst footwear ever. haha

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