Tuesday, 11 February 2014

NYFW: Diane von Furstenberg is all Smiles!

Hi Everyone!
I'm sorry for my absence, I've got exams all this week and I recently returned from my holiday in Paris with school! I'll make sure to write a post all about it, but for now I thought I would talk about one of the main event of this year's fashion events, which is New York Fashion Week. If you've read my earlier posts you will know that I have a goal to go and visit New York when I'm older, I'm saving up, but I'm not exactly the best at saving, but when my time comes I will jet off to my favourite city in the world (even though I've never been). I've been looking at a lot of the catwalks from NYFW and one really caught my eye. that specific one is the Diane von Furstenberg. I'm never really interested in Autumn and Winter lines, because I'm more about the light and brights than the dark and occasionally dirty. But this line really appealed to me as it is very cosmopolitan, and a lot of the clothes can cater for all sizes, curvy or 'twigs' even though that's quite offensive to thinner girls. Let's just say straight up, straight down girls okey dokey??
all images courtesy of vogue.co.uk, I do not own any of the images used in this post
I'm going to start off with some of the simpler outfits before getting down and dirty. I'm really into spaghetti strap maxis for holidays to hot places, and when I see people wearing them in britain I sometimes cringe because they tend to look completely out of place, but having subtle shades like this bronze colour reallyl changed my perspective on them, I think it's mainly because a lot of people usually wear bold colours on this kind of styled dress, and it just reminds me of places where neon is acceptable all year round. 
The next dress really remind me of something Rachel would wear from 'Friends'. The shape is very versatile, but the neck line does droop, giving it a'sexy secretary look'. If you aren't comfortable enough to show some skin, you can always go for a nude vest top underneath, or maybe even a thin scarf just to cover bits you aren't very confident with or would rather not show. But I really like how the skirt is a completely different pattern and fabric, it looks a little bit oriental styled, and the way one side is higher, gives it that much more character, and I would definitely wear this to a work do, if I worked obviously..
And lastly I'm obsessed with this fur scarf, it's also in the best shade of blue there is! I'm not sure whether this is real fur or not (I sincerely hope it's not) but the outfit as a whole is just divine, and I can imagine all the glamorous nights out with that outfit on. I also really like Furstenberg's use of gladiator and strappy sandals, since the shoes don't overpower the outfit
I always love catwalks where the girls smile, I know it's not 'trendy' or 'professional' in fashion, and in some cases, they look down on you if you do! But I always feel the need to compliment the designers when I see catwalks with girls that look genuinely happy, and don't have a face on them like their puppy just died. I just can't stress enough how much I look up to designers who allow their models to be themselves whilst strutting. If everyone is looking at you, why not show off your pearly whites? If anything, it looks like they are having tones of fun, and are confident! 
So I really like this first outfit, I think that monochrome will be back with a bang this year, and what better way to great it than it being revamped in a new form, velvet on an oversized coat? Yes please! I'm not a big fan of the skirt as I think it can't make up it's mind to be a pencil skirt or not, but the patterns of this outfit is very eye catching, and paired with the black heels it looks great.
As you've probably realised I'm obsessed with big coats with bold patterns, unfortunately I can't really wear them as I would probably drown in one.. but I have recently bought a topshop coat which is kind of oversized, so maybe my figure has decided there is no more of me disappearing in one!
This purple outfit is just perfect for me, it's floral, and it's my favourite colour! If you ever get a glimpse of my room you will realise how obsessed I am with violet and just purple really, it's everywhere, really. Yet again I adore the fabric of this coat and think it would look great on a night out, or a very important event. 
This robe reminds me of a comic strip, very colourful, but matched with the black dress and black strappy heels, it makes a normally boring outfit look that little bit more interesting. It's also quite interesting that they've incorporated lace at the bottom of both the dress and the cape, which makes the black dress look slightly slinky, perfect for an expensive date night. I really like how they've styled the models hair for the show, it's stylishly slicked back into a bun, causing the hair not to draw attention from the outfit, or covering any neck/collar detailing.
The bag in this next picture was a statement piece for the show, and I'm very obsessed! I've always wanted to get my hands on a faux fur satchel that looks a tiny bit like a big puffball, once a girl in school had one as her school bag ( a bit unpractical, but genius nonetheless) and ever since, I've wanted one, but they've just been too expensive! One can only hope that I  will one day own one... *sighs uncontrollably*.
And finally, this dress just reminds me of old movies where every girl has a shift dress on with a fur shaul, I love the pattern, and the slinkyness of the fabric is to die for. It's not accessorized heavily, which gives more focus to the fur at the bottom of the dress, and I really like that. It's one of those dresses that you can't really wear jewelry with, but if you do I'd suggest simple block colours that have been used in the dress, otherwise it will ruin the whole outfit, and you can't have chunky anything because the fur already stands out and makes the outfit.

All in all I really like going through the pictures and clips of this catwalk, and I hope you agree with my opinions, but if you don't, please leave a comment under saying what you thought of this line and why, I'd love to here from you!! I'll make sure to blog more this month since I have my half term coming up. Thanks for reading everyone.

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  1. That's so cool. I also want to go to New York fashion week one year. It looks very cool and nice.