Monday, 26 May 2014

James Does Modelling: Mooi en Lief Collab ♥

Well hey everyone!
I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a week, you see my internet has been down for about two weeks and I've been angry as poop because of it. So today I thought I would post a collab that I have been working on for about three months now and because of exams and dodgy internet, it has been hard at times to be able to keep going with the project, but I have finally completed the first part of it, and that part is a lookbook!
Now I never usually do fashion lookbooks or anything that really features myself or anyone else that has been styled in it, mainly because I'm more of a writer than a model, and also people that I know read my blog, and I'd rather not work really hard on a project for someone to make fun of it, and as you've seen from some of my ootd's, I'm not exactly 'model material', I'm just a normal awkward teen who doesn't like the camera. But when I got the opportunity from a dutch company called Mooi En Lief to help with boosting awareness of their brand that's recently been released in the UK, I knew I couldn't say no.
Checked Shirt: Debenhams // Jeans: M&S // Wellies: Mooi En Lief*
To Fill you guys in, Mooi En Lief are a wellies brand that caters for kids, they have tones of cool and quirky designs that kids can choose from, and they are more of a statement to me than just your average wellies. I was given the task from the company, to style two pairs of wellies for kids, and since I have a ten year old brother (pictures above) I thought it would be perfect to style myself and him, so you can see how boys and girls would wear them. James is a cool little guy, and when he saw the boots he got genuinely excited, he said they were the 'coolest things ever' and I think he was probably more if not as excited to do this project as I was! So let's get on with the post so I can show you how I styled the little dude. I styled James in their wellie 'safety' which is a cool and colourful choice, I think you can definitely change it up, and it can suit both genders styles like most of their other designs. They also come in handy if you're walking in the dark, since the yellow is very bright, so you'll be more noticeable. James really liked them because they were comfy, and he could go and have a play in them, but also run around, which is what he tends to do. But unlike other wellies, they are easy to move around in. They're also very stylish for kids depending on what they wear, so they can go anywhere with them on, they aren't just for playing around! I took James shopping with them on, and they actually went well with his outfit, so they shouldn't be treated as a 'fashion faux pas' they are more of just an eccentric spin on the usual boots.
So for his clothes, I decided to go simple at the bottom. Every boy should have tones of pairs of jeans in their wardrobe, and I got James' from M&S I think, which is pretty weird because I never really expect to find anything I want from Marks, but they've actually got a great kids collection there, and some things there are really affordable for what you're looking for! The shirt is from Debenhams, and it's cool because it's got a grey detachable hood, so depending on the kids style, they can dress up or dress down with it.
So living in the country on a sunny day is a pretty good place to take some shots, so we went over to the fields next door (which luckily wasn't populated by sheep) and took some pictures, and if you look behind James' shoulder you can see the valley, which is pretty nice for walking and just having a breath of fresh air. I thought because of the backdrop, I'd get James into a more summery outfit, which means ditching the jeans and going for some three quarter length shorts. I got these cheap from Next, but you can always go DIY and just cut some old jeans up and get almost the same finish if you roll them up at the end. I also got the top from Next as part of a two pack (the next top is the other that came in the pack) and I think this is one of my favourites! It's got a really boyish style to it, and I'm obsessed with sports teams on t-shirts, whether it's for me or something I'm buying for James. It's white, and if you have a son or a daughter or a younger brother like I do, you'll know how hard it is to keep fresh whites clean, so as soon as we'd taken these photos he was already rolling down the hill in front of us. Typical James. James preferred the shorts to the jeans since he felt 'free' as he told me (I don't know exactly what he means by this to be fair). 

For James' final look I decided to go for Grey Jeans and a Navy T-shirt to see if they would go, and luckily they did! This is probably my favourite look for him, and I'm so excited for him to start wearing it around, because it really suits him. So all in all I had a great time styling them for James, he was great fun and bless him, really cooperative! He really loves the wellies and the other day he brought his friends around, and I now think that they are a little jealous of him for having them! They are great for every kid, and there are plenty of styles on the website for every kids style.
So I hope you enjoyed this styled post, I know I did making it! If you fancy having a look at their other wellies, feel free! The next collab with them will be myself in their 'army' wellies, and I can't wait to show you the outfits I came up with. Which outfit did you like best on James and why? Or which one would you wear if you were him? Let me know, and thanks for reading,


  1. These are such cute photos of your brother! You are a good sister :)

  2. James looks so cool! Lovely article and a pleasure working together with you, thank you. x