Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mango's New Season: Aztec & Shifts

 Hi Everyone,
I hope you've all had a lovely week, I'm back with more for you today since I just had my French speaking exam (which is the first of my GCSE's) and I've got to say I was crazy nervous. I can't deal with people looking directly at me for too long, which is why I'm a better typer than speaker, so that was definitely a big step for me. But I luckily got through it and the teacher said I did well, so I can relax now until Monday which is when I have my Religious Education GCSE. Yes, I must say I'm panicking a bit, but blogging is getting my mind off things, and I think *prays* I've got everything on track since I did about four hours of pass paper work today. But I won't bore you with my school life since I'm pretty sure a ton of you have gone through it already so I'll spare you the deets... let's talk new collections.
So I've never really been interested in the shop Mango before to be honest, it never really spoke out to me, and I'd never really seen any of there collections even. But when I saw some pictures online of the new collection (which I'm pretty sure is about to released later on this month if you're interested in dates) I had to know more about the brand. In the next few pieces from the collection you will see, expect aztec prints, shift fits, yes s h i f t s, (I'm not naughty), and cool palettes.
So I'm not sure of what the price range for this collection will be, but by looking at the site, I expect it will be Topshop or River Island prices.. That's all I can give ya unfortunately dosh wise, but let's just pray it doesn't break the bank, because there are some absolute gems in here. 
My first pick is a cream dress that was the piece that first drew me to the collection. It's got a definite Incan or Greek vibe to it for sure, and I can just picture people from Mamma Mia wearing something almost identical to it. It's a great holiday buy, and since it looks rather flowy, I think it will give you a great bohemian vibe, paired with sandals perhaps. I also really like the detailing at the bottom, it definitely adds to the island vibes of the design.
Next is the Orange tube skirt. I'm a big fan of tube skirts because they tend to look great if you are with booty or without booty, it works for any figure, and it definitely lengthens your legs if you wear them with tights and boots or heels! I also really like the detailing on the skirt, I'm really into patterns this Summer that are really delicate and have some sort of ethnic inspiration if you wish to call it that. I'm never one to go for warmer colours, but this has really grabbed my attention, and I can see myself wearing a kimono or boyfriend cardi with this.
I've never really been a fan of shorts, they're not something I jump to in the shops or go looking for specifically in a shop, but I really like these baggy high waisted ones. They're just the sort of colour I'd like my shorts to be, and they aren't the 'knickers' style that I am constantly seeing in the high street, I mean I'm sorry but personally I don't find it trendy if my bum is literally falling out of something that is supposed to accentuate your curves, not make them leak out.
So I've really fallen for kimonos at the moment, but I'm not very keen on the silky type fabrics that I've seen on the high street since the material goes right through me and I hate to wear it, so when I saw this I knew I had to have my hands on it. My ex next door neighbour is actually Japanese, and she used to show me loads of her old pictures from back when she lived in Japan, and her mum and Grandmother had the most amazing outfits, and one actually looked similar to the one above. As you can probably tell I'm a big fan of Purple and Blue (in fact my bedroom is covered head to toe in purple) and light blue is my favourite, but including darker shades of blue on the sleeves really gives it that pop that it needs. I also (yet again) really like the pattern on the bottom, it's really intricate and I think it would look great with maybe some pastels, or even darks if you wanted to go for an edgier look.
I'm also a fond lover of pink, I never used to be but recently it's just sort of crept up on me, and just last week I bought a clueless inspired dress that was full on Cher pink, it was then that I realised I had a problem. But yeah this is just a cute flowy skirt that's definitely appropriate for Spring and Summer, and since it's not really fitted, it would look great with either a blouse or tank top, whichever takes your fancy really haha.
Now this next dress reminds me of all the old adventure movies dad used to make me watch with him which I loved, when all the girls used to wear dresses like these and the fabric just scream Indiana Jones. I can sense a heavy pattern of loose fitting stuff in this collection, and I really like this because women need to know that you don't constantly have to squeeze yourself into something to make you look beautiful or to show off your figure, it's all about the way you rock it, gurl.
The pockets at the front will definitely come in handy for me since I'm always loosing receipts and important pieces of paper, and I can definitely see myself wearing this with some ankle boots, and maybe some comfy socks, if I'm feeling a bit crazy.
This last dress is basically just something that I would wear on a night out for a meal on holiday, when you're not really bothered, but it will still look great on you. I love the nautical stripes and I think this would be best suited with sandals or jelly shoes, and maybe a satchel thrown in, just for fun.

I hope you enjoyed this post, because I really loved writing it haha! I've just got my camera back from the camera guy (well done anna) since it broke, so I'll be taking some snaps and uploading them onto here very soon, I love you guys and thanks for reading.


  1. love the collection! I know I'm a huge sucker for the Aztec prints! Especially extract skirts trousers :)

  2. I've never actually looked at anything from Mango before but after reading this I really feel like I should! Your blog is stunning, so glad I found it! xo