Saturday, 3 May 2014

Style Crush: Lilah Parsons *heart eyes emojis everywhere*

Hi Everyone!
Before I start this post I'm just letting you know I'll be making myself a blogging schedule to stick to soon, since my GCSE's are coming up and I'd rather not miss out on blogging, but I've still gotta focus on learning *cries*. Also, I've decided I will not be putting myself forward for the Company style blogger awards this year, since I'm too busy with exams, and I'm beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed as it is, but do not fear guys! After May I will be done with all my exams and will have the rest of the Summer to blog for you, and I'm planning to do so at least twice a week! *cheers*

So today I thought I'd talk about one of my latest style crushes, and that is the lovely Lilah Parsons. Lilah is a model turned presenter for MTV, and I must say in the small space of time that I've started to notice her, she really has grabbed my attention, which is quite odd because before, I've never really appreciated the presenters on MTV, since in my opinion I thought they all had the same personalities, and weren't really making me interested, they did have cool clothes though, gotta say. But Lilah is a bubbly lady, who doesn't really care if she's being a weirdo and making random jokes that aren't the slightest funny, she's different from most young presenters I've seen in a while, and her goofiness has definitely pulled me in, as well as her style.
As I mentioned before, Lilah is a part time model along with her presenting, and she's modelled for the likes of Fabulous mag (which has featured the One Direction boys), Miss Vogue, Grazia, and Harper's Bazaar. She's also had her face on billboards everywhere from Times Square, New York, to The Louvre, in Paris. Her modelling career sky rocketed as she was chosen by British Vogue to be one of the 'Model's Faces To Watch' in 2010, landing her all sorts of spread with tones of successful and well known companies like Swatch. She has also worked with renowned photographer Rankin on his latest project 'The Hunger Magazine'. She has also walked the runway for Vivienne Westwood, and has had a beauty editorial for Chanel! Personally, I think she looks a bit like Zooey Deschanel with that fringe, which makes me love her even more!
 So if her background isn't colourful enough for you, her wardrobe surely is! Pairing ankle boots and quirky dresses is her 'forte', and you can definitely see why. She's also experimented a lot with her hair in the past as I've discovered whilst researching her for this post, and I honestly am in love with it. She keeps the top of her hair a dark brown, with her trademark fringe, but switches it up by dip dyeing her hair, for her the trend never gets old, she suits is well! She's gone from blue to blonde, and now even though she isn't any different colour on her ends at the moment, I'm hoping her hair isn't going to stay the same for too long!
I really like her first dress in these pictures since it really compliments her petite figure, and accentuates her long legs, the cut just under the chest also gives it a sexy vibe, even though the fit of the dress isn't really that daring. Her next outfit is slightly different from the last one, wearing ankle boots instead of peep toes, and opting for a skater rather than a body con style. I really like how she can switch her style really quickly, and this dress shows the girly side of her fashion eye. She doesn't seem to like to go overboard with her jewellery, and I really like how she prefers to go for a clutch or handbag, than some heavy accessories.
Looking back at all of her previous looks, I start to see a pattern that she's obsessed with clutches and shoes! I honestly love her wardrobe so much, and would kill for her fashion sense. I also like how she contrasts girly dresses with leather and tights, or studs and an edgy purse, because that's what I'm always doing when I have to dress nicely. I don't understand why people don't take risks with their style as Lilah does, because that's what fashion is, it has no rules (apart from staying away from crocs at all costs for risk of social suicide and breezy-ness in the feet department). Also I love how she never really changes her hair 'style' and sticks to straight hair and a fringe, it's simple yet classic.
So to some up this lovely lady, I really think she'll go far in the presenting world, and cross my fingers I'll get to meet her and maybe even interview her for my blog one day too! *praysssss*. So I want to know who are you guys style crushing on lately? Is it someone who's making their way up the showbiz ladder, or someone who's had their spot in the limelight for a long time? Let me know in the comments, thanks for reading, and bye for now!


  1. Never heard of her before now, I think I'm showing my age there a I really like her hair (I'm an ombre and fringe girl too!) and her shoes are amazing. xx

  2. Anna, I love your blog, you have great content and really get the reader engaged! Keep up the good work!