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Kendall Jenner: Reality Girl Turned High Fashion

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So I've always been a big fan of the Kardashian famalam, whether I like it or not I always find myself flicking over to E! to see what they're up to, but usually it's to see what they're wearing I promise. I never really noticed Kylie and Kendall Jenner until they were suddenly sixteen and I was like... already?! I'm not a very big fan of their personalities, even though they are pretty hilarious sometimes since they just are so oblivious it hurts. But recently I've been keeping my eye on Kendall and have realised that she's been dominating the high fashion world, and to be honest my first instinct was to be surprised. It's not every day you see a reality tv star walk the runway for none other than Marc Jacobs in Paris, and then later on in London for others. It came as a huge surprise to me, and a lot of other fashion critics also. Some said that she hadn't worked for it, and wasn't even a good model. However, I don't entirely agree. You can obviously see on the catwalk that she takes this whole industry seriously, and she has been wanting to be a model for sometime now. But maybe, she might have had some help to get the jobs by using her families connections, since the Kardashion/Jenner empire is quite large thanks to her mother who is a working machine, Kris.
Marc Jacobs Catwalk, February 2014, PFW

Kendall caused huge controversy even more with her nipples on show on the catwalk, which I don't think is necessarily fair, since she is 18 now so it isn't like she is underaged or my age, she's almost a woman, and she's even driving. But also, how many catwalk shows nowadays have you seen where the models are showing the same amount of skin? Exactly, so I think it is unfair to treat her differently, even if she's a reality tv celebrity. I also think she chose this catwalk on purpose, since the controversial clothing is getting her even more attention in the fashion world, so more and more designers will scout her to star on their catwalks and campaigns, which I think is an idea from both her part and her mothers. She has been brought up in the celebrity world and her mother manages all of the Kardashians, so together, they know how to get the media's attention, more than usual when they want.
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Kendall also recently caught the eyes of people in the industry last week when she walked the red carpet for the MMVA's, where her and her sister both changed several times on the night. But this was her red carpet gown, and it's definitely edgy. The model is shown in a full length dress, which hugs her top section before turning into a maxi skirt, where it has two slits dangerously near her crotch area. Her stylist said that they taped the dress down strategically so that she wouldn't have any awkward dress malfunctions, since it was obvious that she wasn't wearing any underwear. A lot of people commented (yet again) that the dress was too risky for her, and that it was 'over the top', but again, I have to disagree with them. She wore this dress for a reason, and she isn't a little girl anymore, which she is slowly introducing to the world. At the end of the day I think it's a gorgeous dress and perfect for her, the only thing I dislike about it are the shoulders, they are a bit 'frumpy' I reckon. I also really like the embellishments, and how the dress isn't too regal for the awards. She's making a statement, and I love it.

So what do you think of Kendall Jenner being in the high fashion? Do you think she's deserved it and will fit in, or do you think it's not suited for her? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love Kendall, and whilst she's definitely had a helping hand to get where she is, there are a lot of people who would argue that her reality background could have actually hindered her career!

    She's obviously a talented and hard working model to be getting as much work as she is, so good on her!

    Lo at Notebook 54 xx