Sunday, 29 June 2014

Want of the week: Statement Necklaces

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. I just washed the cars and finished revising for french, so I decided I'd write a little post since it's been a while. My last exam of year 10 will be over after this Monday, so I'm free to blog as much as I want, and I will most definitely take advantage of that. I've also had a lot of exciting opportunities lately to do with my blog, so I can't wait to tell you all more about that, and you can see on the right my 'featured in' section is steadily beginning to grow, which is exciting for me because every door that closes opens a new one for me, so I'm happy to get stuck in with as many projects as I possibly can!
So anyway, the topic of my post today is something that has long been on the scene, and everyone is trying to bag their on take on it for Summer, the statement necklace. Now I'm guiltily not much of a jewellery fan, since my wrists are too small, and rings just tend to fall off my fingers, but I am really into necklaces (as long as they don't drag me down because they're so heavy), and I've taken the latest trend of having a bright, fluorescent and heavy necklace under my wing.
So recently, I've shopped more and more in New Look, they're the kind of shop that either has a very good collection or a very bad one, but I think due to more competition from other high street shops, New Look have had to up their game, and in doing that are receiving better reviews (from me anyway). My friend Ceri has never shopped in New look for anything other than essentials there until this year, even she says their collection is good, which must be saying something! This necklace has great colours for me since I'm really into Lime green and blue's this season, they also go with yellow and white, so just a plain camo and jeans would make this an outfit perfect for a night out. I also like the other necklace from New look (right) because it's got more girl colours, but it's very loud, and could easily go with any colour, even if you clashed it with something.
My friends Birthday was last month, and since she's a big fan of River Island, I thought I'd go there and get her something. I bought this necklace for her because it had the perfect mix of girly and edgy, since my friend is also on the borderline, it was the ideal present for her. This necklace isn't really a major statement necklace that practically screams out to you when you look at it, it's more subtle, but can change your look drastically. Also, at a quite cheap price for statement necklaces, you can't go wrong.
I was just recently introduced to MONKI by a youtuber called Beauty Crush. Beauty Crush is probably my favourite youtuber apart from Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, because she suffers from social anxiety, and speaks about it on advice videos to help some of her fans over come it. I may not have seirous social anxiety, but I am very bad at speaking to people since I'm so nervous and awkward, so I think watching her videos comfort me a little, and I appreciate her videos more because of that. Anyway, back to the bling. This is also a more subtle take on the statement necklace, but I do really like it because it's quite light (I've tried it on), and the orange and grey go well together. It's also £8, so it won't break your bank if you decide to go for it.
Zara has always been one of my favourites, because it's really smart chic, and just takes me back to being in Paris in January. This Necklace is a bit more 'ethical' and the beads kind of look like splotches of paint on your skin, and it's a very arty take on the trend. It's kind of expensive, but not too bad seeing as it's Zara.
I thought I'd finish off with this necklace, since it's probably the one that I would end up buying. I'm a big fan, scratch that, huge fan of pink and red colour blocking, so when I saw this I basically fell in love. It's name is also quite funny, it's called a 'bib necklace', and the shape of it is almost scalloped. 

Thanks for reading, and what's your opinion on statement necklaces?

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  1. I love statement necklaces, especially the bright colourful ones for summer! I tend to not want to spend too much on my accessories though, unless it's pretty special. I would much prefer to spend the £20-£30 price tag some come with on an item of clothing. I love New Look and Forever 21 though for budget jewellery. x

    Francesca // Fashion Dough