Friday, 11 July 2014

My Secret Revealed: I Edited a Magazine!

Dear Fellow Nerds...
So if you follow me on twitter you'll know that I have been hinting now and again for exciting things and projects that I was taking part in, and I'm here today writing to you guys to tell you all about two of these projects, and I'm so excited to here your opinion. I'd also just like to say that I am ridiculously greatful for all the support I have received from all of you over the past couple years, I went from being a ridiculously awkward teenager who never felt like her voice was worth being heard to someone who has over 600 subscribers to her blog! I also come from a tiny welsh village, so it's even more incredible that I've had this much love and support from all over the world. Yes, I blog for my own enjoyment, but I also blog for you guys, because without you none of these opportunities would have been in my reach. So Cheers, have a cup of tea and a biscuit on me, and make it a chocolate one.
Images courtesy of Mooi En Lief

During the past couple months, I have become very close to the brand Mooi En Lief, and last month I blogged about styling my brother to suit one of their wellies designs (you can see that by clicking here) and I've been in contact with them for probably over six months. After working on the post they approached me to help them put a magazine together for the two kids fashion trade shows that they would be attending in London and Copenhagen, so this was a great opportunity, but also a fun little project for me to do! My friend Tolly featured her designs in it and an interview about Bundle, and there was also an article about their charity work and an art edit. It took us probably over a month to finish it all off since my exams were going on at the same time and I was trying to focus as much as I could, but the end result was amazing, and I couldn't have been more proud of something that me and Mooi did! The article above was written by me about the 'Shopping influences of a fashion conscious teenager', and we as a group decided it would be an interesting topic to write about.
It was genuinely the weirdest thing to actually write an editor's letter, I've always read them religiously before reading a magazine, and it just felt for a minute as if I was living a double life, a little bit like a wannabe Hannah Montana. I hope it turned out well and I didn't come of too keen or whatever, but it was just really strange I suppose being on the other side, actually writing, and then reading your own published words.

The next announcement I have for you all which you will probably know from twitter, but I was interviewed by a podcast station for Under 20's last week, and the interview went up yesterday. They edited it really well because they managed to make sure I didn't sound half as nervous as I actually was, and I'm basically just glad they got rid of my dodgy little moments where I had no idea what the flip I was gonna say. But it was really cool having my first ever recorded interview, and yet again I'm really proud of how I came across, because I was really scared I'd either come across as a little weakling or full of myself, and I hope to others I sounded like a decent person in their eyes too! To hear the interview, you can click here.

So I still have a lot of things in the works, and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but for now I have to keep my lips sealed and hope for the best, thanks for reading everyone.


  1. This must have been so exciting for you Anna! Congratulations, you deserve it your blog is amazing!

    Becca :) x

  2. This is awesome, great work Anna! :)

  3. This is so wonderful to read... thank you! We love working together with you and proud that you are part of our team x

  4. I love Tolly's blog, as well as yours. I check both daily. They're some of the only good teen fashion blogs out there.