Saturday, 2 August 2014

♥ Sleek Palette:The 'IT' Autumn/Winter Palette ♥

Hello Everyone!
I hope you're all having a really nice friday morning! Today I thought I'd write about a subject that I haven't really been a fan of writing about for a year, which is beauty. I fell out of the loop with beauty bloggers because I wasn't really an expert in it, and I was only young and hardly ever wore makeup, so I didn't really feel like it was a topic where I'd be able to give an honest opinion, since I knew hardly anything about it. But since the start of year 10 last september, I've been experimenting with different makeup looks and products to find out which suit me best or which one I favourite. And there is a distinct pattern in eye makeup, I'm obsessed with it! I'm not very good at eyeliner, but I have at least three different eyeshadow palettes, and whenever I go into boots I always look at the palettes that they have. 
Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my nails showing up in some of the photos haha, I took the photos with my Dad's phone (Samsung Note Something or other) because I have misplaced my other camera, but the pictures came out well quality wise, so I decided to include them.
Sleek was always the stand I'd go to first, since their palettes are so gorgeous and very classic, my eyes are always glued to them. They had about five palettes on display and I was struggling to choose between the I think it was 'Nudes' palette and 'Storm' palette, but after a while I decided it would be best to go with the storm palette, since my other palettes looked exactly like the other. They weren't the most expensive things in the world, and at £7.99, I wasn't breaking the bank.
I'd definitely call this my first 'proffesh' palette, since all the others were gifts from friends in a set, or something that my mum or grandma had passed down to me, but it is a great starter palette for people who aren't really sure whether they want to spend a lot for something they won't use, and probably will never touch. Sleek have collections that range from colours like Nudes and Metallics, to Neons and Pastels, so you can choose whether you want to be daring or not. I think one day I might buy one of the more 'in your face' palettes just to mess around with, since some of the colours are amazing. 
To apply the eyeshadow, I'm a big fan of the Eco Tools Collection since they are inexpensive and also enviromentally friendly. They are made out of bamboo as well. So here are the names of the colours, I use 'blackout' for eyeliner sometimes and it's actually really matte and stays quite well. You could easily make a Summer version of the smokey eye with these tones, and I think I'm going to be experimenting a lot with it.

Thanks for reading, and what eye shadow palette did you first start on? Let me know in the comments down below!

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