Sunday, 16 November 2014


Hi Everyone!
A hectic week has just flown by for me. I did my english literature speech last month and am now expected to re do it in front of the assessor who's coming in from the board. The only reason I did well was because I was in a group with all of my mates, and if you've met me in person you will know that I'm not the greatest at public speaking, so since I have that coming up on Wednesday I'm slightly freaking out, but I have downloaded an app recently thanks to my friend Hannah (shoutout to her) which helps me calm down a lot quicker and it's actually called It's a free app and you can choose from tones of different background noises (my personal fave is the one with rain falling on the trees branches) and a lady with a lovely voice talks to you and tries to calm you down. It really helps me and I use it a lot after a hard day at school when I'm trying to unwind. But I thought I'd just let you all in on that so you can maybe try it out yourself.
So I shop on Amazon pretty much all the time. I was recently sent a £55 voucher from a company for helping them out and I have spent it all on goodies for me and my Christmas shopping since you can get practically anything from there, but I've never really taken any notice of the fashion department. It never struck me as an online retailer who had good stuff on it if you get where I'm heading at, so I basically ignored it. But recently I have been hearing of high end designers who have signed up to be a part of the Amazon fashion family, and it's quite amazing to see big designers on there, a shop where I usually go to for joke presents or maybe a book if I'm feeling adventurous. It genuinely seems as Amazon is going up in the world and earning a high position in the fashion retail industry. Solange Azaguri Partridge is the latest designer to release a collection on the site, and at a hefty price of £480 per necklace, it's not at the same price range as other things on the site. 
Photos courtesy of VOGUE
With her designs having a touch of playfulness and almost childlike essence to them, it's no wonder that something so unique and different has been seen on the necks of Sienna Miller, and Thandie Newton for a start in the celebrity world. It's surprising that these cost even more without the silver chains but designer Azaguri-Parttridge states 'Creating these items in silver makes them more affordable'. She then goes on to say that they still have the iconic designs so they are still true to what she does, and that there is not a complication with the ring sizes, and the styles appeal to any age group.

So the big question is...would you spend £500 on those necklaces? In my opinion, I think that the designs are lovely, but I wouldn't pay £500 on something that does look similar to something I could buy elsewhere for a quarter of the price, but that's only my opinion. So what do you think of this latest collab? Do you think it's a waste of your time and money or something you'd be interested to see more of on Amazon Fashion in the New Year? Thanks for reading and let me know.


  1. Ooh these are absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love your blog so much xxx