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Christmas Struggles and The Teen Scene

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while, I know I know, but I have the usual excuse of being so buried in work I've only just started to see my feet! First of all I'd like to tell you all about the latest lovely people who have taken time out of their lives to write about me little corner of the web, and that is Guest of a Guest. Almost three years ago I would've never thought that someone from England, let alone AMERICA would see this, and I'm literally in awe. Without my blog I'd be nowhere so thankyou to the lovely people of guest of a guest and all of you who've read my blog over the years, I adore each and every single one of you and I'm so blessed to be where I am now. If you'd like to read it I've linked it so just hover your little mouses on 'guest of a guest' and reading about people like myself.

So I'm here today to talk about that holiday that comes around every year, and that is Christmas. The first world problems we have to face during this season come in many shapes and forms, but I've narrowed it down to two that we can all relate to, and those are buying presents, and making a christmas list. As a kid, money doesn't really go through a kid's mind when they ask for something, so we would all ask for anything from a 'big ball' (a genuine present idea from my brother at the age of 8, in the end we got him an exercise ball and that seemed to please him enough), or a spaceship (another one from my brother). For me, I find it easy to buy presents around this time of year, but I tend to start october time so I can stretch out the cost, so I can still afford the christmas necessities like a jumper with rudolph's face on it, yanno, the usual. I also find myself with a problem that many people face, and that is thinking of loads of things that you want throughout the year, but when the time finally comes, you go blank. So I thought I'd start early and give you guys some ideas that I came up with from anything and everything that myself, a fifteen year old girl would like. Obviously I don't like everything that everyone likes, but I've tried to include as much variety as I can, so let me know if any of these tickle your fancy, and I will reply in the comments!


So ever since watching Gossip Girl (and no I haven't finished it, I stopped watching so I wouldn't get addicted during school time) I've been obsessed with Serena's style, and I saw during the fall/autumn episodes she wore some really nice knee high boots, and ever since then I've been really into the idea of them, but since I'm short I'm not quite sure if they would suit or fit me right? However, I'll leave you to decide whether you like them or not, since they are a bit of a marmite buy. I wouldn't buy them in black probably since you wouldn't be able to see them from far away (logical Anna) so something brown would probably do me better. These are from H&M, I always go to H&M for clothes and shoes since I'm very into the laid back, bohemian chic kind of style, and I think H&M is especially good in the colder seasons, and you're not breaking the bank either by shopping there.

Next up we have the Britney Spears Fantasy Perfume 'The Nice Remix'. I've been wearing this perfume for about six months now and I've almost ran out, but I think it's a really unique smell that everyone genuinely loves. I used to wear Beyonce 'Heat', but when I ran out I figured I might as well try someone different, and as I got a free sample of this and loved it, I thought why not buy the full size! My friend who has the opposite taste to me in perfume really likes this, so I think lots of different people would be into it, and don't try and get me to describe the smell because I'm absolutely awful!

I'm really into eyeshadow, in fact it's the only makeup 'trick' I can do well, and I swear by my Sleek palette, which you can see a review of here. I won't go into much detail about them since I basically kissed sleek's bums on my last post since they are such good quality and very inexpensive. The one that I've featured above is the 'Garden Of Eden' palette, I'm a huge fan of the colours purple and green so this is a must have for me and I am well and truly in love with it!

The other beauty product that I couldn't live without is nail polish, as I'm writing this I have shocking pink nails and haven't a care in the world, I think a person's nail colour can tell you a lot about them, as cheesy as it sounds. I've always bought from Barry M and never been disappointed with their nail products, so I thought I would include some of these since I'm really into them. The latest collection I'm really interested in is the 'Aquarium' range which I think debuted during the summer, but glitter is my best friend so I really love this shade which is 'Atlantis'.

I can admit to be a bit of a gamer girl, I don't think I really publicly say it enough on my blog but I'm obsessed with nintendo, and I've been collecting the Professor Layton's ever since the first one 'Curious Village' came out. Since then, my brother sold his DS (which was mine because he'd bought another one) to buy his Playstation Vita, so I'm eagerly waiting for a new one which I'll hopefully be able to get at Christmas or if not then, in the new year. I've been really wanting to try all three of the latest Professor Layton games which are 'The Miracle Mask', 'Azran Legacy' and the one in which Phoenix Wright and the Professor join together. Since this isn't the most recent one, you can get it for quite cheap in a lot of shops.

Next up are the earphones. Now I don't know if it is just me, but I can't seem to look after earphones well enough since they break after about two weeks of buying. I've gotten some £7 Bose ones that have done the job so far, but I'm hoping to get some really good Skullcandy's soon, since I'm not really keen on spending over £100 on some Beats ones just to listen to music. I'm really liking the 'Rasta' design at the moment and think it would look really cool in.

Animal Crossing is another series that I really like and have done for the while, although instead of the Ds I had it on the Wii.

The last item of my wishlist has got to be a dream buy, and that is the Animal Crossing limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL. At a cheeky price of £349.99 it is breaking the bank for me, and I'd probably much rather have a standard 3DS so I could buy skins instead of spending almost £400 on a console. Now if you're from my school and reading this you probably think is ridiculously childish, but I have no shame anymore haha. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you with ideas for yourself or for others, it's good to be back :)

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