Friday, 20 February 2015

Spotlight on: New York Fashion Week

Hi Everyone!
So New York Fashion Week has ended *cries*, but no worries, we still have more left, but that does not mean that New York's fashion week was not something to gasp at. This year, I kept quite a close eye on the fashion shows, making sure I wrote down which collections I really loved. One of the ways I was kept in the know was with the Snapchat story, where I could look at live pictures coming in from different shows, it was really cool and there were a lot of familiar faces included like Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. Don't worry I'm not being payed to mention Snapchat, but it is quite good with things like this, and I hope they make a story like they did for NYFW with LFW.  I was really sad because I was actually invited to quite a lot of shows during the week for the second year in a row, but since I've had to deal with school work as usual *rolls eyes* and family stuff my schedule was just packed with everything except fashion events, but I will make sure I keep close eyes on the shows this week through livestreams and social media!

So today I'd just love to show you some of my fave collections that were featured at New York Fashion Week. Not all of my faves are because of the actual fashion bizarrely, with some of the collections I really loved the make up looks, but wasn't really keen on the clothes. 
So the first show I want to talk about is Jeremy Scott's. I discovered this show whilst on instagram and I saw the MAC team post a photo of these insane eyeshadow looks with their makeup, where it was just matte neon colours on the models eyelids. That really intrigued me so I looked it up and it was Jeremy Scott's show. I think I definitely have mixed feelings about this collection since I am insanely in love with Scott's use of block colours in the makeup looks, and tights, since I think it represents the child like vibes of his entire collection, since he also used nursery style fabrics and little silvery white dolly shoes with all looks. 
I was also obsessed with the black wigs and paint splats on top of them. To me, I thought it was a simple yet genius look to compliment his already very unique styles. Would I wear this out on the street? I think I actually probably would, I really love what he's done and although it is a marmite kind of collection, I really liked it and thought it stood out for me, from all the others as the most unique and colourful collection from what I've seen. 
I felt like he also had some similarities with one of my other favourite designers who always uses bizarre patterns and powerful colours, and that is Henry Holland. Holland, like Scott loves to incorporate childhood styled looks but still makes it look cool, and I think that's why I liked Scott's collection that much.
The second collection I really fell in love with was Marchesa's. When I saw this I immediately thought that they were channeling Daisy from The Great Gatsby. Not a lot of you know this about me, but one of my fave style era's was the '20's, and whenever I see anything that has used similar styles to that era, you can guarantee I will judge it. I really liked Marchesa's mix of warm and cool tones with the outfits, and I also loved how they kept with the same black strappy heels, red lips, and a lot of them had statement earrings. The collection also reminded me of Downton Abbey, since there was also a very regal kind of vibe being given off with some of the outfits. I also loved how the classic styles were given a more modern twist by using fringing in a lot of it's clothes (for example, top right) 
I dont think I can really find a flaw with this collection, every single look was flawless, and my two favourite pictured above, weren't even the most glamorous looking of them all. I really liked this pale blue dress and the look overall, as it reminded me of Cinderella (which is coming out soon in cinemas, so excited!) I don't know it's just so girly, almost dream like. As for the second look, you all know by now that my favourite colour is purple, and this dress sums up why. This plum look is gorgeous, and even though it isn't flowy, it still has a regal vibe with it's darker tones, and the should pads with flared make it even more edgier, I might have pictured it with a leather jacket, thinking that would be perfect for me (if I was rich, cries).
My final favourite was a bit of a hit and miss, it wasn't the best show but it wasn't the worst. Anna Sui's show was apparently influenced by Scandinavia, Vikings, and folky prints. I definitely feel like she kept to that well, and the boots that were used in a lot of the looks represented a very folky, autumnal look. The makeup was simple but I really liked how they made sure to define the cheekbones with bronzer, and used nude lips for a lot of it. These were by far my favourite looks (pictured above) and I really love how none of it is really fitted, it gives it a much more bohemian look.
Sui also used a lot of mixing and matching different patterns, and with some looks it may have been a little out there, but with a lot of it the patterns clashed in a good way. Sui also used a lot of paisley/flowery prints, and as I'm a huge fan of that kind of stuff, I think it made the collection stand out and appeal to me a lot more than it may have to others who may have thought it was just a bit too quirky for their liking. 

So what did you guys think of New York Fashion Week? I'd love to hear about your favourite looks and shows, or maybe the ones you just thought were awful! Let me know in the comments and thanks so much for reading, 


  1. I LOVED Anna Sui's show!

  2. I miss Fashion Week so much, I really can't wait for SS16 ! Love the post and Jeremy Scott's collection .

  3. oooh Marchesa's is something! great round up! :) x