Sunday, 29 May 2016

Why I Blog...

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to you all, I'm glad to say that my exams are finally over therefore I am back to post on here as and when ideas come into my head. Recently I have become involved in a campaign for blogging about self confidence and the issues teenagers have to deal with it, and one of the things they wanted me to write about was how I began blogging and how it helped with my confidence issues. Therefore I am here today to write about that. I will make sure to link you all to my project when it is up and running!

I also intend to write about my adventures in Australia during the Easter, so look out for those soon!

This is me. Many of you have been following me since I started this blog in April 2012, and I just want to tell you all I have grown so much from the experiences blogging has been able to give me. So why did I start blogging? The simple answer to that is because of my incredibly low self esteem. I am not afraid to be open on my blog as I know it is a place where I feel safe to share my thoughts and feelings. I was bullied from the minute I began in primary school, to about year 9 in school, and it was not just your average hair pulling and the occasional rude name calling. I was told that I was too thin, with many people calling me anorexic and making fun of me, spreading rumours that I didn't eat. I had people telling me they'd rather have me dead than be friends with me, and also many remarks on my facial features, with boys acting 'repulsed' by me which made me extremely self conscious from a young age. It madea me look at my body in ways a child should not feel the need to. I would look in the mirror and wish I could put on weight and be a bit bigger, and as I did begin to develop a lot more, the issue then came of people making fun of me as I wasn't 'developed' enough (you all probably know what I mean). I found it incredibly embarassing that all my friends were getting taller, developing physically and gaining new friends, whilst I was not doing this at all. 

I felt like an outsider from a young age, a feeling most people experience in their life, but it didn't go away. To this day I still feel it. I felt like I couldn't talk to people as they wouldn't be interested in what I had to say, and made friends with the youtubers that I watched religiously like Sprinkle Of Glitter and Zoella (who weren't as huge back then) , and dreamed of being like them. One day I saw a video of them discussing their blogs, and I thought that this would be a great way to be able to write about what I was genuinely interested in. 

It began as a hobby, something that I would escape to often because reality was unappealing to me, however people slowly began to read, and soon I had several people writing back to me applauding the fact that I was so young however mature in the way I wrote. This then gave me a lot of more self confidence and it gradually built itself up from there. I actually met one of my best friends whilst blogging on here called Tolly, who I have mentioned several times in my previous posts. It gave me the ability to become more confident and prepared to talk to people and strike up a conversation, something I was previously completely unable to do. It also helped me make friends as people found it a very interesting hobby, and would ask me about the experiences I had because of my blog. Therefore through my creativity, I was able to find something that could improve my self confidence, but could also help me have a lot of fun doing so, and now I'll always be proud to put on future applications that I am a blogger, as people are always intrigued by the title.

So therefore I hope everyone finds something in their lives that they are passionate in, in order for you to build on your self esteem and to be able to go out there and conquer the world. Don't ever feel like you aren't worth anything because others have told you that you are, and always believe that you can make a change for the better, and be as successful and confident as you want to be.

and I will talk to you all very soon. love

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