I saw this on this blog and thought it would be a great idea! I really love giving myself targets so I was really keen to start this ASAP. Here are the 50 goals I've decided to try and accomplish, once I succeed, I'll make a new list!

01. Reach 250 GFC followers
02. Reach 15 Bloglovin' followers
03. Reach 20,000 pageviews
04. Publish 230 posts
05. Attend a blogger meet up/ event
06. Make another blog button
07. Set up advertising on my blog
08. Create a new header for 2013
09. Get a new background
10. Show up in a magazine
11. Win an Award for Blogging or Journalism
12. Enter more giveaways
13. Blog at least 10 times a month
14. Get to 250 posts
15. Get more guest bloggers
16. Get featured 10 times!

Skincare & Beauty
17. Don't buy any more than 3 more nail polishes (I'm running out of room!)
18. Finish my DKNY perfume
19. Finish my Body Shop body mist
20. Perfect my foundation routine
21. Take up a sport/ healthy activity  Adventure courses with DofE
 22. Go without chocolate for 3 weeks
23. Go without Sweets & Cake for 2 weeks
21. Perfect my skincare routine
24. Discover 3 new brands to do with skincare
25. Conquer my acne  GETTING THERE!
26. Do a beauty swap with a fellow blogger (if interested please email me or leave a comment below)
27. hit pan on some products
28. finish at least 5 more nail polishes

Health, Lifestyle, & Fitness
29. Finish Miranda 'is it just me?'
30. Finish my DofE bronze
31. Get 100% attendance for school (I'm a nerd)  98.9% woop
32. Get my level 2 in my canoeing and kayaking award
33. Get fitter
34. Learn how to cook
35. Buy some more gym clothes
36. Go cycling more
37. Book to go abroad somewhere hot or where I can get inspiration for blogging
38. Cook soup (random)
39. Be more conscious of what I'm eating and what it does to me

40. Keep in touch with my penpal
41. Meet up with friends more
42.Get more into Pramface (TV show)
43. Go watch Hunger Games: Catching Fire in the cinema
44. Visit London
45. Do a cartwheel
46. Do the splits
47. Get a job  (Volunteer work at my local after school club!)
48. Get work experience with something to do with beauty or something like that
49. Sit through titanic without crying
50. Sit through les miserables without crying

Hopefully I'll get there :)x


  1. you have inspired me to do a list of my own now u can tick of 'do a good deed' i hope u complete this list b4 christmas it would be a great acheavment for u
    much love jane xxxxxxx

    1. Aw thankyou, Jane, and you should! Xxxxxxx

  2. when are u doing the next give away i would love to have a chance to win one of your amazing prizes thank you for taking the time to read this x

    1. Im not sure yet, but when I'll do I'll make sure to make it clear on all my social site :-)xo

  3. Hi Anna, what a lovely blog you have. This list is great too - I had the same idea re number 39 but mid-November came about much quicker than I expected! Good luck with them all :) Love Beeta

    1. Thankyou Beeta, I'm trying my hardest to complete it :-)

  4. Good work on the list Anna! You've managed to get loads completed! Well done on the 100 followers :) x

    1. Thankyou so much Lola, and you're doing very well on yours too!;-)

  5. I need to do this, great idea!!! good luck with your list x

  6. Hellooooo! Could we get in touch? You are reall inspiring and I wuld like to know how you got so "famous" on the blogsphere and if you have any advice for me. Love http://lovethesister.blogspot.fr/

    1. Thankyou Magali! I'll try and get in touch with you asap, thanks for coming to me:)

  7. I'd be interested in doing a beauty swap! x

  8. I love your work, very beautiful choices in fashion!