Hello Everyone!
If you are visiting this area of my blog, then that means you want to know more about me, or want to work with me. My Name is Anna and I'm fourteen years old, I've been blogging for two years now, and I have a weird fetish for nail polish and fudge. If you have indeed clicked on this page to contact me, please use one of the links below, looking forward to speaking to you all. X

Email: TheLifeOfAFashionNerd@Gmail.com

If you'd prefer to contact me via social networks. here are some of the platforms I use regularly.
Twitter: @AnnaBlogster
Instagram: annaheledd
Bundle (Blog Manager): annathenerd

I have a separate page for advertising, so if you're interested in choosing one of my advertising packages, please visit me on my other pages for further information.

Also, here is a PR disclaimer.

All the products that have been featured on my blog are either bought by me or as a present from a friend or family member, except for ones I have received as samples/full size products from various brands which I will clearly point out in the post.

Please contact me if you would like to use my material, do not take anything from my blog without my permission, I have worked hard in building it up to what it is now, and I will contact you immediately if you refuse to take anything down that is mine.

I never write about anything that I have been influenced or 'bought' by.

My blog template and name is completelu unique, and I pride myself on this, so please do not take any of my material associated under that category. Do not take any of my names either associated with this blog.

I haven't had any help at all in designing the layout. But my header recently has been made by my best friend Tolly  as a favour, but other than that all the designing has been done by me, I haven't even asked for help from my parents. I haven't had any help either with the writing of this blog, it is absolutely 100% made by me.

Since April 10th 2012, this site has been my domain, only I contribute to this blog, I never have a 'partner' by my side helping me, so all views are my own.

-Anna Heledd x


  1. do you have a tumblr??

  2. Anonymous22 July, 2015

    Hey, my name ist Lexi and I'm from Germany. I would like to start a fashion blog but I don't know how i could get followers. I mean how could people recognize my blog. How did you start. I would be very thankful if you would help me.

    xoxo Lex